Rated as one of important Flavour imgredients of many of the household consumer products,Perfumes,Pharmaceuticals and flavouring compound, the world trade demand of L-Menthol is estimated as 16000 tones per annum valued at about 1,500 crores of rupees.

L-Menthol and Mint oils are widely used in Perfumes Flavours and Fragrances. It's main uses is in flavours as a fortifier for Peppermint Flavours or as a flavours ingredient with a cooling effect and little or no typical bouquet notes of Peppermint.

L-Menthol has a refreshing, light, diffusive odor with a sweet pungency. Characteristics resemblance to main odor of peppermint and on contact gives strong cooling sensation

Smaller amounts are used in perfumes to give refereshing lift and power, mainly to Rose, Geranium ,Lavender, Fougere and similar types. Concentrations from 0.5 to 2.5% are us ually required to achieve such effects in a perfumes.

Separately from the addition of a perfume to certain cosmetics product, L-Menthol and Mint Oils maybe added to introduce a cooling effect in Shaving Creams, After shave Lotions etc. The amount of mint may be higher than the total amount of perfume in such cases.

Apart from its conventional role in Peppermint, Spearmint and other Mint flavours L-Menthol is used in traces in imitation Butter, Caramel, Fruit Complexes etc. and very often along with the Anise or Anethole in Licorice Flavourings. L-Menthol used in Cigarettes is usually so much that it completely dominate the smoking sensation. Thus, Smokers of Mentholated cigarettes appear to enjoy the product where smoke flavour is secondary and its impact is one of the freshness and coolness.

L-Menthol is also widely used in medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations where it serves as a local anesthetic, as a relief for headache, and as an anticeptic of the respiratory tract.

Appearance & Description :
 colourless, Hexagonal or needle like crystals, odor, pleasant and on contact gives strong cooling sensation.

Odor      :  Refreshing Light , Diffusive with a sweet Pungency,  characteristic Resemblance to main odor of peppermint.

Taste :  Cooling, warm and refreshing, sweet.

Melting point : 41.0 to 44.0 Degree centigrade

Specification Rotation :  Minus 49.0 to Minus 51.0 degree

Non volatileMatter : 0.05 max %w/w                                  

Packing : 25 kgs Fiber Drums

Product Confirms as per IP/BP/USP Specifaications.

Storage : Store Menthol in cool, dry place, temperature not above 30 degree centigrade to retain its crystaline form. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Temperature of surroundings does not be above 35 degree Centigrade.