Mint oil Implies Mentha Oil , Peppermint Oil as well as Spearmint Oil Varieties.
Peppermint oil includes mentha Piperita and mentha Arvensis Variety Oils. L-Menthol is one of the important ingredients in Peppermint oil . Mentha Arvensis Oil is mainly valued for its L-Menthol contents, in which it is very high. L-Menthol occurs in various isomeric forms L-Menthol is solid whereas other isomers are liquid at room temperature.
L-Menthols impart cooling effect and L-Menthol has clean cool aroma with therapeutic value.

Spearmint oil is obtained from Mentha Spicata plant contain L- carvone as the major ingredient. L- carvone is to spearmint oil what menthol is to peppermint oil.

L-Menthol crystals are obtained by freezing of Mentha Arvensis oils. The dementholised oils left is still rich in L-Menthol , almost as much Mentha Piperita oil. The major components in Dementholised Arvensis oil and Mentha piperita oil are common, namely various isomers of L-Menthol, Methyl Acetate , Menthone isomers , and various Terpenes . However, mentha Arvensis Oils is not as sweet as mentha piperita Oil, Only later Oil contains Menthafuran and the presence of this sweet component can be easily checked in the laboratory. . This and such other components add to the aroma quality of of piperita oil.

Mentha piperita oil is around four to five times costlier than dementholised Mentha oil .Due to its sweet aroma Piperita oil is used for higher valued flavourings like Tooth paste, Chewing gum etc. L-Menthol is used for its refreshing and clean cooling effect and therapeutic value. It is also used with piperita and Spearmint oils for addd effect.

For obtaining mentha oil confirming to I.P.Specification generally Dementholised Mentha Oil is used. However, most of the Dementholised oil lots obtained straight from the Natural oil do not confirm to the minimum IP specifications, whereas the specification have a wide range of Value

Japnese Mint
(Mentha arvensis.)

(Mentha pipertia)

(Mentha spicata L.)

Mentha Shivalik