Ruchi Menthol Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the field of Menthol and allied products,is established and promoted by a young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Rajkumar Hirawat to venture into Menthol Crystals and its related products. From the begining itself the Company's performance in Domestic Market was satisfactory. The Company has made a continuous strive to achieve eminence and excellence in every field and recognized & respected around the globe for its quality, reliability, purity and services.

Now the Ruchi Menthol Pvt Ltd is regarded as leaders in Menthol Crystals, Mint Oils and its related products and established its product quality in the domestic as well as International Market.It is a mater of great pride that its clients list almost includes all the who's who of the Industry leaders in the field of Pharmaceuticals Formulations, Cosmetics, Perfumers and Flavourist, Ayurvedic and Confectionery Manufacturers, etc. etc......


The main products of the Company are Natural Menthol Crystals, Thymol, various Natural and blended Mint Oils, Anethole, Natural Essential Oils and Mint Products . Our Products are used as one of the most important raw material / ingredients in Pharmaceutical formulation, Tooth paste, Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, perfumery Compounds, Mouth fresheners, Oral preparations, Toiletries, Confectionery, etc. etc...... Our products are not only confirming to the pharmacopoia standards (i.e. IP/BP/USP) but they are also approved by the Flavourist and perfumers.

The Main objective of the Company is to provide Quality product confirming to the International standards/ specifications in terms of Quality, Packing, Price and to provide buyers with all the facilities to ensure effective trade with us.